Reserves of Triabunna, Tasmania

We know we walk on country where thousands of generations have lived and walked before.
We endeavour to use our current knowledge to be good custodians of this reserved land.
We welcome old and new knowledge.

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NRM South

NRM South - Common Grasses of Tasmania - PDF document

Common Grasses of Tasmania

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council - Triabunna Area Reserves, Native Flora and Fauna Management Plan 2014 – 2019

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council - Weed Management Plan 2015-2020

Native Plants of Glamorgan Spring Bay

Tasmanian Sea-Lavender

"Bugs, Birds, Bettongs & Bush" - Conserving Habitats for Tasmania's Native Animals

Bird Information

Bird watching information

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Dr Eric Woehler on the importance of shorebirds on the East Coast of Tasmania UTube Video

Friends of Orford Bird Sanctuary

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Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

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