Reserves of Triabunna, Tasmania

We know we walk on country where thousands of generations have lived and walked before.
We endeavour to use our current knowledge to be good custodians of this reserved land.
We welcome old and new knowledge.
a view from Esplanade East View from Esplanade East

Esplanade East Reserve

The Ada Street Reserve and the Esplanade East Reserve actually link up not far from the Deep Water Jetty. This narrow band of bushland between the two Reserves is a vital connection to the coastal vegetation that straddles the Spring Bay shoreline. The Esplanade East Reserve begins near the Triabunna Boat Club and continues on along the shoreline to the Deep Water Jetty and can even be located further beyond to the Triabunna Mill. It is all under Crown Lands jurisdiction. It is invaluable for the movement of birds and animals and protects many native species from the encroachment of developments and clearing.

There are strong and healthy stands of sheoaks all along the this Reserve. It’s steep banks mostly prohibit entry into the bush from the roadway and its overall beauty is best viewed from a boat. Rubbish dumping down these slopes is prevalent and difficult to clean up but much of it is hidden from view. Stunning views of the Bay can be gleaned as you walk its borders and a rewarding vista of sparkling waters opens up when you reach the Deep Water Jetty. The bird song of tiny thornbills and new Holland honeyeaters accompany your walks as you pass by the deep green swards of thick coastal bushes and trees.

A pleasant walk capturing the variety of habitats in this area of Triabunna is best commenced at the Ada Street Reserve with its forest type habitat and large areas of native grasses, then traversing down the path on the eastern link (see Map on this page) to reach the Esplanade East Reserve to get down to the Deep Water Jetty. The return journey back along the road will bring you to the Triabunna Boat Club and then across the bridge into the main township. It is well worth the effort to experience the different habitats and elevated views on this side of Triabunna.

tree growing out of the rocks Near Deep Water Jetty
looking east from Deep Water Jetty View east from deep water jetty
view from Deep Water Jetty View from deep water jetty

Photos by Rob Kelly, January 2022

Esplanade East Reserve Map

reserve map