Reserves of Triabunna, Tasmania

We know we walk on country where thousands of generations have lived and walked before.
We endeavour to use our current knowledge to be good custodians of this reserved land.
We welcome old and new knowledge.
Ada Street Reserve bush track Ada St Reserve Track, 08/11/2021

Ada Street Reserve

Ada Street Reserve can put on quite a show. As you enter the depths of this well timbered bushland in springtime, a startling display of wildflowers will greet you. The biggest surprise last spring was the abundance of tiger orchids scattered through the grassland areas. After the good winter and spring rains, healthy clusters of very colourful bright yellow and brown flowers were standing tall and erect wherever you looked. It was a real spectacle.

Mingling amongst the orchids were a wide variety of wildflowers ranging from bluebells, goodenias, heaths, various native pea flowers and bright blue love creepers to tiny native violets and sundews. Later in the season the native grasses rose up and produced a swathe of waving flower heads in many areas of the Reserve.

This hilltop bushland Reserve is large and commands some pleasant views of the waters of SpringBay as you reach its western boundary. Its size also creates a feeling of being removed from the surrounding built up streets. There is a definite bushland atmosphere amongst its greenery and at different times of the year the changes in birdlife and the seasonal flowering of the bushes, trees and ground plants always makes it an interesting place to explore. Peace and seclusion is easy to sink into when you step into this natural and precious patch of nature surviving right within the township.

Lilac Bells Lilac Bells, 08/11/2021
Tiger Orchids - close-up Tiger Orchid, 08/11/2021
Native Blue Bell Native Blue Bell, 08/11/2021
Native grass Native Grass, 08/11/2021
Native Violets Native Violets, 08/11/2021
Tiger Orchids Tiger Orchids, 08/11/2021
Trigger plants Trigger Plant, 08/11/2021
Ada Street Reserve bush track Ada Street bush track, 08/11/2021
Southern end of Ada Street Reserve Southern end of Ada Street Reserve, 24/01/2022

Photos by Rob Kelly

Art inspired by Ada Street Reserve

painting of native grass Grasses at Ada Street Reserve, November 2018 by Steve Mars

Ada Street Reserve Map

map of reserve